Monday, May 3, 2010

National Scrapbook Day Challenges

I wanted to get up a post, with all my challenges in the order they should be in for My Pink Stamper's National Scrapbook Day!

Challenge 1: Mother Dear
Challenge 2: Getting Scrappy
Challenge 3:Thinking Outside the Box

Challenge 4:Like you Least
Challenge 5: Teacher Appreciation
Challenge 6:Kid's Craft Too
Challenge 7: Hey Dad
Challenge 8: Love My Color
Challenge 9: Take Shape
Challenge 10: May Day
Challenge 11: Colors of the Rainbow
Challenge 12: Critter-licious

I am so proud of myself for pushing myself and trying things outside the norm for me. I am also so proud of myself for making sure I got to do every challenge. I did a lot of them on Saturday, and busted tail to get done in one hour with each one. I finished the last two tonight. They were the two most difficult ones for me, since I knew what Cartridge was my least favorite (and I was in no hurry to use it!) and I had no clue what to do outside the box. I hope you enjoy all the weekend projects. Tomorrow, I will be cleaning stalls at Horse Head Quarters, and will probably do some photos of the horses, possibly getting their farrier work done, or whatnot. I also have some beautiful western style photos from last week!


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