Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Pink Stamper MSD Challenge #6- Kids Craft Too

Over @ My Pink today, she is hosting a challenge every hour for NSD!

I did one this morning, before our little outing, and this is the one that I've been thinking about doing, and have the stuff to make, but technically based on the directions over on Lauren's Creative should take much longer than an hour; unless you're me, and that would be impatient, and owning an embossing gun (which I used between coats to dry the 'modge podge' which is really a solution of three parts elmers white glue to one part water.
It is a kid's memory game. I plan on letting my little girl, Zoe have them to play with once they're completely dry. Directions are here on Lauren's Creative.


Scrappy Mel said...

This is really neat. You could also laminate them-if you have access to one that is...

Lauren B. said...

Your project turned out GREAT! An embossing gun is a brilliant idea! I'm so glad that you tried it!